A few days ago I found something on Something Awful called FATAL & Friends, where people go over obscure, mockable, or interesting tabletop RPG systems in great depth (often page-by-page through the sourcebook).  One that I took particular interest in was CthulhuTech, in which a guy created a full party of sample characters, broke the system over his knee without even trying and then forced the unfortunate cast through sample sessions with massive amounts of railroading and an authorial understanding of “Lovecraftian horror” as “eh, throw in a lot of rape, that’s scary, right?”

The thread that contains the reviews requires both an SA account and the archives upgrade to view, and you may assume from the above description has pretty much every sexual assault trigger warning slapped on that you can imagine.  If you’re interested and all the above doesn’t deter you, though, you can find a collection of the posts here.  I do recommend it, in a way.  The commentary is really entertaining and the system itself is just confoundingly, interestingly bad.

Anyway all of that is to say I got attached to the fake PCs and so I drew some headcanons for them.

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I’m not usually one for selfies but I’m adorable today

I’m not usually one for selfies but I’m adorable today

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I’m writing a paper on Persepolis for school

One of the requirements of the paper is that it not use outside sources, but I find myself poring over Understanding Comics anyway


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Ok finally remembered to scan things.  So check out these NERDS

Ok finally remembered to scan things.  So check out these NERDS

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jovian12 said: does Ravi enjoy monster hunting or is it just a family obligation sorta thing? does Leonard's enthusiasm about it annoy him

Ravi really does not want to be a monster hunter.  He thinks it’s corny and pointless and embarrassing because monsters stopped being a threat ages ago.  His family mostly understands, though they’re a little disappointed.

Once Leonard starts taking him on terrible missions, though, he begrudgingly finds himself really enjoying it.  He would never tell anyone though.  Especially not Leonard.

(leonard knows anyway)

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jovian12 said: how did Leonard and Ravi become "best friends"

They first met in class; Ravi was TAing one of Leonard’s courses.  It was hate at first sight.  After Leonad joined the student radio, he started noticing some weird goings-on and furthermore that Ravi was the only other person who seemed perturbed.  He snooped around until he discovered Ravi’s family history, and after that they became “inseparable.”

They do kind of get along with one another now, in a weird way.

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Yo it’s Wednesday for worldbuilding, I’m tired and this story is taking shape, and it is connected to this story

Ask me questions (Doesn’t have to be about aforementioned story)

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I’ve been taking to working on a big minecraft project recently to keep my stress down

Not sure what this cleared area is going to be yet, but it is working on the relaxing front

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Shower thought: Spec Ops the Line is pretty much the game Silent Hill Homecoming was advertised as

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